The Agricoccinella's street food

The Agricoccinella's street food was born from the desire to create something new and unique thanks to the use of high quality raw materials grown in our land and the use of our productions (such as our preserves and our olive oil), but also through the selection and use of products from strictly local farms.
Our street food name is Boia che Panino, which means in Tuscan dialect “What a sandwich!”

The idea was born by chance from an ad for the sale of a food truck, then became our kitchen.
We spent days equipping it with everything necessary to be able to offer our customers a high-level street food.

The first step was choosing the bread, the real star of our sandwiches!

After several tests with different flours, in the end we created two types of bread: one with ancient Senatore Cappelli wheat flour and the other one with a poor flour which gives an exceptional aroma and taste.
Our street food truck will open in spring 2022. In addition to sandwiches we will offer selection of cold cuts, cheese and preserves, salads from our garden, fruit salads and homemade desserts to rediscover the pleasure of the simple dishes.
Fried foods will also be protagonists: from the garden directly to the boiling oil!

We will be open from the breakfast till the aperitivo, passing from lunch to snack even for kids.
At breakfast, for example, there will be pies stuffed with our jams, spoon desserts, up to offer you the zabaglione made with the eggs of our hens.
In addition, during summer we will organize special evenings not to be missed!

Boia che panino is the rediscovery of simple dishes, eaten on the go or seated in the shade of one of our centuries-old olive trees.

Agricoccinella is waiting for you for this new adventure!