Skill Park

To safely approach the sport of mountain biking

Agricoccinella has collaborated with Bike Service Massa Marittima for the realization of the Skill Park ,situated inside the Farm, which is a space where you can safely approach the sport of mountain biking on closed circuit. The Skill Park is designed for beginners and cyclists with more experience. It is a place where you can train and have fun.

The park is situated in the hilly part of the farm where you can admire the whole Gulf of Follonica that with the vineyards and olive groves of Agricoccinella make it all a unique place that reflects the Tuscan Maremma.
Inside the park the activity of the Bike School is offered by the staff of Bike Service and its certified teachers, with technical courses for all levels, to be able to teach and guide in the right steps and in safety the people who want to participate.

Our customers can use the Skill Park in autonomy, respecting some safety rules.